About Gibson Consultants

Gibson Consultants is a leading retained executive search firm with a national client base targeting healthcare solutions providers and payor market. Since 2002, we have partnered with healthcare technology/services organizations, commercial and government health plans, and specialty healthcare companies. Our professionals enjoyed successful careers in these fields before turning to executive search.

Our Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the issues, trends, companies, and individual players. With our professionals’ healthcare tenures dating to the early 1980’s, we also have a collective historical memory that goes back to the “early days.”

Besides this general market knowledge, we have specific expertise in the following:

  • Building management teams: generally, this is about attracting and keeping top performers.
  • Organizational effectiveness: this involves a wide variety of topics, such as management team and board composition, company structure and function, compensation levels and compensation plan structures. 


 Our Approach: To know you is to represent you

Until a candidate meets you for the first time, we are your agent in the market. We are your "face" to the outside world. Your branding, reputation, and image speak well for your company, but only we can bring the opportunity to life for a candidate in the early stages of courtship. While we are qualifying potential candidates, we need to be stimulating interest and excitement in the opportunity.

To do this well, we need to know you.  We spend time learning about your company.  Armed with this knowledge, we qualify candidates using a series of situational and behavioral interviewing techniques. We leverage this keen understanding of you and your company to present the opportunity in its correct light. We do justice to the opportunity, creating interest and excitement, while presenting a realistic assessment of the challenges.