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  • A Plea to All Men

    Author’s Note: Seven years ago, I underwent a fairly common life-saving surgery. While there has been much discussion - and some misunderstanding - about screening for this condition, this remains true: vigilance amid the patient-doctor relationship is still the wise choice. This article originally appeared in Healthcare Musings in May 2012. by Jim Gibson, President, Gibson Consultants August 2018 - While surfing …Read More »
  • Prescription Drug Price Transparency; Changing the Game

    By Gary Austin, President, TranzformHealth July 2018 - In every industry where price transparency has occurred, the industry has been significantly transformed.  Examples such as Expedia (Travel & Tourism), Amazon (Retail), StubHub (Entertainment), Zillow (Real Estate) and Uber (Transportation) have forced a lowering of prices in their respective verticals by making real-time price information available …Read More »
  • Great Healthcare Technology Innovation Requires Great Product Managers

    By Doug Schneider, Former CEO of Connecture June 2018 - I spent much of my full-time professional career focused on innovation, and much of that time in healthcare information technology. To be sure, not every innovation effort was a success – indeed, the essence of innovation is about managing risk and if everything always worked it …Read More »
  • Tackling Healthcare Affordability: A Self-Insured Employer Perspective

    By Rob Geyer, Chief Executive Officer of Reta Trust May 2018 - The top stories in American healthcare continue to focus on our ever-increasing healthcare costs—costs that are nearly double those of other high-income countries while outcomes fall short on many population health measures[1]. And with no end to this upward spiral in sight, employers …Read More »
  • Healthcare Cost Reduction in 2018 – Driven by Technology

    By Beth M. Griffin, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at HPS April 2018 - Innovative employers understand that as markets change and costs rise, they must be discerning in their approach to business finances. As these business leaders work to understand what drives up costs, one thing is clear: companies will have to get smarter about …Read More »


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