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  • Speed Time-to-Market with a Smaller Investment Through Partnering

    by Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer, Holon Solutions September 24, 2019 - The healthcare information technology (HIT) market is expected to grow from more than $187 billion this year to more than $390 billion by 2024. Much of this growth is driven by healthcare providers, health plans and policymakers collectively concluding that the fragmented, inefficient …Read More »
  • How Hospitals Can Minimize Surgical Adverse Events and Improve OR Performance

    by Michael Woods, Global Chief Medical Officer, caresyntax August 27, 2019 - When one speaks of patient injury in healthcare, it’s easy to point at the statistics. However, almost everyone has a friend or family member who is represented by those statistics. Through that lens, patient harm becomes very personal. Yet the rate of all-cause …Read More »
  • Application of Blockchain in Healthcare

    by Lynn Carroll, Chief of Strategy & Operations, HSBlox July 2019 - As value-based care accelerates, the disparate data of traditional fee-for-service doesn’t work. Data silos and a lack of patient integration present challenges for dissemination of data across the continuum of care.  As a result, the reporting feedback loop required for the development and …Read More »
  • What happens to my staff if our hospital automates revenue cycle management?

    by Heather Kawamoto, Chief Product Officer, Recondo Technology June 2019 - Healthcare has a high turnover problem, and not just for clinical staff. In many hospitals, especially in rural areas, it is notoriously difficult to find employees with specialized expertise in working with healthcare insurance companies on various revenue cycle transactions. Compounding the problem is …Read More »
  • Trust, but verify: Are hospitals following evidence-based standards?

    by Staci Porter, Senior Clinical Strategist, Zynx Health May 2019 - The Russian proverb “Trust, but verify” entered the American lexicon in the 1980s when it became a favorite mantra of Ronald Reagan during arms-reduction negotiations with the Soviet Union. Reagan understood that while trust can provide a strong foundation for a relationship or agreement, …Read More »


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