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  • Great Healthcare Technology Innovation Requires Great Product Managers

    By Doug Schneider, Former CEO of Connecture June 2018 - I spent much of my full-time professional career focused on innovation, and much of that time in healthcare information technology. To be sure, not every innovation effort was a success – indeed, the essence of innovation is about managing risk and if everything always worked it …Read More »
  • Tackling Healthcare Affordability: A Self-Insured Employer Perspective

    By Rob Geyer, Chief Executive Officer of Reta Trust May 2018 - The top stories in American healthcare continue to focus on our ever-increasing healthcare costs—costs that are nearly double those of other high-income countries while outcomes fall short on many population health measures[1]. And with no end to this upward spiral in sight, employers …Read More »
  • Healthcare Cost Reduction in 2018 – Driven by Technology

    By Beth M. Griffin, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at HPS April 2018 - Innovative employers understand that as markets change and costs rise, they must be discerning in their approach to business finances. As these business leaders work to understand what drives up costs, one thing is clear: companies will have to get smarter about …Read More »
  • Continuous Monitoring Data: A Key to Patient Safety

    By John Zaleski, Chief Analytics Officer of Bernoulli Enterprise, Inc. March 2018 - In high-acuity patient settings, data often speak for the patient, particularly those that are unconscious, recuperating from invasive surgical procedures, or heavily sedated on pain medication. Yet, of the 40 million plus surgeries performed annually in the United States, a significant potential threat …Read More »
  • The Dream of Healthcare Consumerism: How to Avoid It Being a Nightmare

    By Scott Herbst, SVP at Availity February 2018 - Healthcare consumerism has become an increasingly important focus for healthcare organizations as deductibles have risen in conventional health plans and as high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) have spread. Usually tied to health savings accounts, HDHPs incentivize consumers to make informed and judicious decisions about the healthcare services …Read More »


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