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  • Trust, but verify: Are hospitals following evidence-based standards?

    by Staci Porter May 2019 - The Russian proverb “Trust, but verify” entered the American lexicon in the 1980s when it became a favorite mantra of Ronald Reagan during arms-reduction negotiations with the Soviet Union. Reagan understood that while trust can provide a strong foundation for a relationship or agreement, verification is also needed to …Read More »
  • The Supply Chain Stars of Tomorrow Understand This: Value Analysis

    by Chase Johanson (This article originally appeared in Healthcare Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine https://valueanalysismag.com/the-supply-chain-stars-of-tomorrow-understand-this-value-analysis/) A Recruiter’s Perspective Chase Johanson, Hospital Supply Recruiter, Gibson Consultants The Value Analysis Professional Vs. the Rising Cost of Healthcare According to projections, “Under current law, national health spending is predicted to grow at an  average rate of 5.5 percent …Read More »
  • The Key Components of a Successful Remote Patient Monitoring Program

    By Robin Hill April 2019 - With U.S. healthcare evolving toward a value-based system that rewards quality over quantity, provider organizations are being required to take on more patient risk than in past contractual agreements with payers. That means providers must collect as much relevant patient data as possible to develop risk-minimization strategies. As a …Read More »
  • The Mother of All Public Health Crises

    By Matthew Sappern March 2019 - Expectant mothers might want to consider medical tourism to Poland or Estonia or Saudi Arabia.  According to the CIA World Factbook and a study in the medical journal The Lancet, these countries and MANY more have better rates of maternal mortality than the United States. (1)  The US ranks …Read More »
  • The Most Important Thing a CEO Must Do – Part Two

    by Jim Gibson (This article originally appeared in Healthcare Musings in November 2011) February 2019 - Last month’s article discussed how finding and attracting good people is Job #1 of the successful CEO. There are many ways to do this, and the methods vary according to circumstances. A common approach – and one that is …Read More »


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