Client Referral Program

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Even in the best of times,
who couldn’t use some extra money?

Our Client Referral Program could provide you with a significant income supplement…with little effort.


Even the most successful businesses need new clients in order to grow and remain successful. Leaders in any field of business owe part of their success to the ability to continually find new clients.

The search business is no different.


Just as personal networking is the most effective way to find a new job, it’s also the best way for a search firm to find new clients. Referrals by our clients are an excellent source of new business leads. Yet, we don’t want to overlook another obvious source: you. Many of you are on the front lines daily. Whether dealing with customers, prospects, business partners, or even your personal network, you hear about companies’ needs and plans, often before they are addressed.

Our Client Referral Program is designed to encourage you to keep us in mind as you hear about upcoming needs for search expertise in our niche.


If you hear about someone at a healthcare vendor who is thinking about looking externally for managerial, executive, or sales talent, simply refer that person to us.  If your referral leads to a retained search assignment for Gibson Consultants, you will receive a $7,500 finder's fee.  It's that simple.

Here are the details.


For more information and examples, please visit our FAQs section.


The three most common types of search are contingency, retained and engagement.  This program applies to retained and engagement searches only.  


Submitting a referral is simple.  You may email or call with your referral information - we just require some basic information (more details).  Please make sure the prospect is expecting to hear from us; we will mention your name.

That's it.  We will keep you apprised of the progress so you will know when to expect your check.