Future Clients

We know what is important to you

Engaging a search firm is a commitment of both time and money and it should not be taken lightly. Before you engage a firm, you should know your needs and priorities. Various types of firms are available.

  • Some firms boast of offices in Shanghai, Bogota, or Dubai.
  • Others have addresses on New York’s Park Avenue and other high rent districts.
  • Still others write or lecture on "Thought Leadership" using terms such as "Human Capital."

Our edge: understanding your business

Our value proposition is simple. We know your business.

If you need a senior executive to help steer your payor market company through these challenging and transitional times, your partner in search needs to innately "get it" without much explanation. If you are looking for a board member to help govern a healthcare software firm, your search firm needs to know what that implies. If the marketing of your healthcare specialty company needs to be revived by a new Vice President, the firm you engage must be able to help you crystallize your vision for the new executive.

You will want the consultant leading your search to have hands-on knowledge of your business—a knowledge that can only come from having been there recently.

At Gibson Consultants our professionals have an intimate understanding of your business. Prior to executive search, each consultant had a career in the field to which he or she is dedicated -- healthcare software and outsourced services, or the payor market and employee benefits. This background translates into the right talent match, delivered more quickly, and requiring less of your time.