Our Approach

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Our Approach: To know you is to represent you

Until a candidate meets you for the first time, we are your agent in the market. We are your "face" to the outside world. Your branding, reputation, and image speak well for your company, but only we can bring the opportunity to life for a candidate in the early stages of courtship. While we are qualifying potential candidates, we need to be stimulating interest and excitement in the opportunity.

To do this well, we need to know you. Among other things, we need to know about:

Your Company

  • Position and posture in the market, including strengths and perceived weaknesses
  • Tactical plans to leverage strengths and address perceived weaknesses
  • Vision and strategic goals
  • Management team’s style, cohesiveness, effectiveness, and challenges
  • Board / senior management relationship
  • Company culture
  • Competition

The Opportunity

  • Immediate and longer-term objectives, with timelines
  • Historical perspective of the position—predecessors’ successes and frustrations
  • As appropriate, reporting structure, team assessments, and insight into organization chart
  • Compensation potential

The Hiring Team

  • For each member of the hiring team:
    • Role and responsibilities
    • Background and career history
    • Impact on selection process
  • Decision dynamics of team as a whole
  • Evaluation and selection process

Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Skills and experience required vs. preferred
  • Relative position on experience / potential continuum
  • Intangible qualities
  • Desired target list

Armed with this knowledge, we qualify candidates using a series of situational and behavioral interviewing techniques. We leverage this keen understanding of you and your company to present the opportunity in its correct light. We do justice to the opportunity, creating interest and excitement, while presenting a realistic assessment of the challenges.