The Payor Market and Employee Benefits

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Real-world experience

A hallmark of Gibson Consultants is our real-world experience.

Our payor market and employee benefits consultants have in excess of 60 years in leadership positions in major payor market and employee benefits firms. Our expertise dates back to the days of indemnity insurance and extends right up to these times of rapid company consolidation and market change.

Knowing what you are going through

We have seen many trends come and go in medical delivery, product offering, and market focus. Our involvement with the planning and execution of these developments has provided an insider’s perspective that evades the outside world.

Speaking your language

Because of this length and breadth of experience, our network reads like a Who’s Who in payor market and employee benefits. As importantly, when you share your search need with us, we bring to the discussion our insider’s familiarity with the business. We quickly grasp the subtleties and nuances of your issues, and we use this knowledge to attract, evaluate, and present potential candidates.

Representative Clients