Testimonials - Candidate

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"I recently had the opportunity to work with Joe when he contacted me about a position with Highmark Health. After a relaxed but thorough conversation we discovered that a different position with Highmark was a better fit for my interests and experience. I now have Joe to thank for my dream job! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joe and I intend to reach out to him again when I am searching for executive candidates."
--Margaret Haney, VP, Strategic Integration, Highmark Health


"As both a hiring manager and a job candidate, I have worked with many professional recruiters over my 25 year career. I would describe my experience with Jim Gibson and the Gibson Consultants team as one of the very best of those experiences. I was contacted by Jim and his team concerning a position search they were conducting for a Global Services firm. Over the course of a 3 month courtship, interviewing and hiring process, Jim and his team excelled at all the things that are most important to a job candidate – communicating clearly and consistently, shepherding the process through delays and detours, following up and managing expectations from both sides. I found Jim personally to be not only a consummate professional but also someone I could trust to discuss my thoughts openly and provide candid, realistic guidance. I would recommend Jim and his team to any executive considering a career move."
--Russ Uhlman, Jr, VP, Client Services, HGS


"Betsy is hands down the best executive search professional with whom I have worked. I've had discussions with more than a few recruiters over the years, and have always ended up staying put, or turning to my well-established network for employment opportunities. To Betsy's credit; she found me, interviewed me thoroughly to discover my desired career path, made herself available at odd hours to accommodate my difficult schedule, and ultimately paired me with a boss and employer that will be a great fit for me. I owe a massive debt of gratitude to Betsy, and Gibson Consultants."
--Mike Finch, Regional Director of Sales, Colibrium


"I had the pleasure of working with Jim and Joe recently and was immediately impressed by their friendly professionalism, deep knowledge of the industry and of the immediate opportunity. But what struck me most was their balanced approach – as a candidate, I felt that my needs were as important as their client company. It needed to be right for me as well as for them. They made sure that I understood the position fully, was well prepared for each step in the process and knew exactly what was happening as events unfolded. I never had to call to find out the status – they were always right there with me. I’ve worked with a number of recruiters and can truly say that this was the most well organized, professional and enjoyable process I’ve ever been through."
--Melissa Ellis, SVP, Patient & Customer Services, AMC Health


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Betsy and Jim. It was so clear to me how much diligence they put into the process, to not just find and place a candidate, but to ensure that it would be a good, long-term fit on both sides. While I have worked with other recruiters in the past, I have never found any of them to be as knowledgeable and passionate as Betsy. She is simply the best recruiter I have ever encountered. Throughout the entire process, she was professional, responsive, honest and empathetic. I couldn't be happier about my new position. I owe a tremendous gratitude to both Jim and Betsy for making it happen!"
--Susan Miller, Regional Director of Sales, Colibrium


"Thank you to Joe for his assistance throughout the hiring process for my position as VP of Business Development at HGS. His approach, advice, and insights were invaluable to me and contributed to my being selected for the position. After I accepted my new role, Joe followed up to make sure that everything was going well. To sum up, Joe was very interested in my success."
--Thomas Camp, VP, Business Development, HGS


"Betsy Wertheimer found me my dream job! She was amazing to work with throughout the entire process and has a genuine concern for her candidates. Betsy was open, transparent and dedicated to my success and I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"
--Katherine Larsen, Sales Director, Healthbox


"Working with Betsy and Jim at Gibson Consultants far exceeded my expectations. They clearly understand their clients needs and expectations, resulting in a professional and rewarding experience."
--Melissa Coovert, Director, Enterprise Implementations, Phreesia


"I want to thank you for the time and effort you spent to connect me with exactly what I was looking for in a company to finish out my healthcare career. Your guidance and direction throughout the entire placement process was spot on. At no time during the process did you pressure me to continue forward, rather you continued to make sure my questions were being answered, the answers were meeting my needs and if the relationship would fit my style."
--Leo Maes, VP, Healthcare Sales and Business Development, HGS


"I fortunately get calls from recruiters all the time, but Gibson Consultants really stood out. From the beginning, their niche focus and knowledge of healthcare shone through and enabled them to paint a compelling picture and heighten my interest which was low to start. I was especially impressed by their ability to see the "fit" before I did. I was a “tough sell” coming from a CFO position at large public company moving to a smaller but more exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity, but Gibson Consultants took the time and had the expertise to work through my concerns and align myself with the company. They were an instrumental ”bridge” in this process. My new position is an excellent match for me, and I'm glad I took their call!"
-- Walter Hosp, CFO, AMC Health

"It was refreshing to see an Executive Search firm going to great lengths to balance the expectation of an organization with that of a candidate. Joe not only took time to understand what I do and how this can be matched with (the organization's) requirement but was also candid enough to tell me what was possible and what was not. I strongly believe that Gibson Consultants is different from the rest of the breed."
--Balaji Balachandran, Director, Sales and Solutions, HGS


"I've worked with many recruiters and executive placement firms but I really enjoyed working with Jim and Diane. They really stand out in all aspects. Both were very professional, honest and provide best knowledge about the company they were recruiting for. My new position is a perfect match! I really enjoyed working with you and I would definitely recommend your firm."
-- Nikhil Oza, VP Technology, Halfpenny Technologies, Inc.

"I had occasion to work with Jim in connection with a recent opportunity for which I was a candidate. In a world where the focus is often one-sided; Jim is a fervent advocate not only for his client but for candidates as well. Jim’s guidance, advice, proactive communication and thoughtful consideration of me as a candidate made for a great experience. I recommend Jim and his team unequivocally."
-- Al Cochran, CFO, Greenway Medical Technologies (former)

"I was a candidate in a recent search conducted by Gibson Consultants. Unlike many headhunters in today's industry, they kept me informed throughout the process, even when there was nothing to report. Our technological world seems to have entitled most recruiters to lose touch with common courtesy, even for individuals that could be their next hiring organization. Jim remembers there are people with schedules and responsibilities on the other end who deserve respect."
-- Shannah Koss, President Koss on Care, LLC

"I've worked with many executive placement professionals in my career and Gibson Consultants truly stand out from the rest. Jim and his team really do their homework to ensure the highest fit between the candidate and the company, not just the position. As a result, I've found the perfect balance of cultural and professional fit for the next adventure in my career. I highly recommend Gibson Consultants!"
-- Lloyd Mangnall, CHCIO, CIO, AMC Health

"It was a pleasure working with Jim and team as I found my recent opportunity. The insight they provided me in the position, the company, as well as in my aspirations was key to me making the informed decision I did. They were very accessible, friendly, and knowledgeable. Through the entire process they kept me informed and always provided an update on or mostly before it was promised. I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had working with them and would recommend them highly."
-- Jim Armstrong, Director, Client Services, Connecture

"Having been on both sides of the executive recruitment process, I've learned what separates a good search firm from an exemplary one. From my first engagement with Jim Gibson and his associate, Celeste Goodhue, I sensed I was working with the latter. That was reinforced at each touchpoint throughout the process. Jim is a consummate professional -- clearly focused on the needs of his client but attuned to my questions and concerns as a candidate. Beyond taking the time to know me better professionally and personally, he had a keen understanding of the dynamics of the organization I'd potentially be joining, as well as the digital health industry at large. When the time comes to build out my team, there's no question who I'll turn to first. "
-- David Goldsmith, Executive Director, Dossia

"I have used many recruiters in my career to hire sales and account managers but this was the first time I used a recruiter to retain my own position. Jim Gibson was the consummate professional from the moment he made me aware of the position until the time I accepted the offer. His detailed guidance, support and recommendations throughout the process were top notch. I look forward to working with Gibson Consultants again very soon."
-- Mark McConnell, Senior Vice President, AMC Health

"I've worked with many recruiting firms, as a hiring manager and as a candidate. I found Gibson and Associates to be among the best. Jim and Betsy are caring, accessible, engaged and incredibly supportive. They provided great insight into the opportunity and clearly matched my background with the needs of the company. Jim and Betsy are true professionals and good people too. And, the ending to the story is I landed a fantastic job with a great company. I have nothing but praise for Gibson and Associates and would recommend them as either a candidate or hiring firm without hesitation."
-- Russ Anderson, Vice President of Product Managment, Clinithink, LLC


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Betsy.  I found you both to be accessible and open, and thought you not only asked good questions, but also provided useful insights and coaching.  I would be happy to recommend your firm."
--Terrie O'Hanlon, SVP Marketing

"Jim Gibson and Sheila have provided an excellent experience from start to finish. They both took the time to discover my strengths and characteristics as a candidate and then worked to match me with the right opportunity. They put forth the extra effort to pressure test the opportunity with me and my business philosophy and thoroughly explored and explained the needs and status of the hiring organization. They were wonderful with communication and follow through which led to a seamless process and a successful outcome. Gibson Consultants is the right choice for both hiring managers and candidates. I look forward to working with them again in the future as we grow and expand our sales team."
-- Jesse Harper, Director, Sales and Business Development, Numera (former)

"I wanted to let you know how much I admire your associate Sheila. Of the many recruiters I have met over the years she is in the top echelon. Attributes that jump out just over the phone are that she is engaging, insightful, responsive, upbeat, and informative. She has strong business acumen along with a great attention to detail. You have a gem on your team."
-- Jim Fishkin, Healthcare IT Executive

"I have been an executive sales professional in the health services arena for more than 25 years. During that time, I have been exposed to a myriad of executive recruiters, both as a candidate and hiring manager. I have learned that the one thing that sets the top recruiters apart from the rest is the process they use to hone in on the candidate characteristics that best mesh with the employer's needs. The result of such a process is the likelihood of a marriage that is both productive and lasting. Jim Gibson and his team exemplify this, going beyond the usual reference checks to take the time to get to know each candidate, their work ethic and business philosophy. Because of this, I know that my employer and I have found a good fit. I will be expanding my sales force in a few months and when I do, I plan to engage Gibson Consultants again. I have high praise for their diligence and for making the effort to understanding each client's unique business staffing needs."
-- Steven W. Chapkin, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Dossia Service Corporation

"During my 20+ years in the insurance industry, I have had the opportunity to work with a multitude of executive search firms and recruiters.  This experience includes hiring professionals for my employer and for various job searches of my own.  My experience with Gibson Consultants stands out for many reasons.  Professionalism, persistency, and patience are just a few of the adjectives that I would use to describe their service model.   They took the time to listen to what I was looking for in an employer.   Additionally, they spent a tremendous amount of time really getting to know my background and experience.  The team was truly prepared when it came time to present me to the employer as the right candidate for the job.  Their research along with mine made me feel very confident when going to meet with the employer for the first time.   It was a pleasure working with this team of professionals.  I would highly recommend them to candidates that are seeking a change, and to employers that are looking for qualified professionals.   Utilize the services of Gibson Consulting.  You will not be disappointed!"
-- Jo Ann Wetzel, Regional Vice President, EyeMed Vision Care

"Jim Gibson recruited me on behalf of Healthedge.  I had no prior experience with Jim.  Immediately, Jim made an impression.  Jim is very professional, thorough, honest and had a keen understanding of the payor market.  Jim has built a relationship with me that has resulted in additional engagements."
-- Tim Herlehy, Senior Vice President of Sales, HealthEdge (former)

"I want to first thank you for your support during the hiring process. You are a professional in every way.  You are the first executive recruiter that has followed through on all your commitments and added nothing but value through the hiring process ... kudos to you and your team.  I hope we can work together on another deal in the future."
-- Paul O'Toole, Healthcare Software Senior Executive