Betsy was an amazing partner in recruiting top talent to our analytics organization. She took the time to understand the company culture, the different departments, roles and levels and after a short time was able to identify candidates that would be a good fit. She was responsive, pivoted quickly after feedback on candidates, and ultimately found us candidates that we hired and that have been amazing. I look forward to having our next open req and the opportunity to work with Betsy again!

Janet Powers, VP Client Analytics, Eliza Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with Betsy on two separate occasions. In both instances I was offered the position. She reached out to me with opportunities that truly fit my experience and career path and she shepherded me through the entire process. She was great at communicating the requirements, being honest with what information she had and took the responsibility for making sure that the company and I understood each other’s needs. I highly recommend Betsy and her team at Gibson Consultants to all who read this!


Kevin Kupitz, North American Sales Director, Colibrium (an HGS company)

…More recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Theresa at a conference. I left our conversation with an appreciation for the depth and breadth of Theresa’s “superpowers.” Theresa is poised to meaningfully change the recruiting landscape. She has a differentiating ability to maintain connections with a broad network of emerging and next generation leaders, which is the future of our healthcare supply chain.

Joe Walsh, Founder, Supply Chain Sherpas

I have had the privilege to work with Betsy Wertheimer and Gibson Consultants twice since 2010. Betsy has always exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. She has found the perfect match with my goals and companies that have allowed me to grow. Betsy took the time to learn of my needs, and instantly find the right path. Always responsive, always available, created specific strategies to find the perfect placement, trustworthy, professional, committed to her clients to create a win-win. I highly recommend Betsy. I can’t say enough. There is no question about it, Betsy should be your only recruiting call.

Melissa Giannola, Business Development Specialist at HMS Essette – Total Population Management

Betsy worked with me on a recent opportunity. She is a consummate professional who as an executive recruiter seeks to understand her client from every perspective to ensure that an opportunity is the right fit. Through multiple interactions, Betsy sought to make sure that I was comfortable with the opportunity and she conducted detailed research to make sure I had the information I needed to make my decision. I would highly recommend Betsy and the folks at Gibson Consultants.

Madan Moudgal, SVP Healthcare Technology at HGS

During my career, I have worked with several Healthcare recruiters. Lisa Raunig, without question, is among the very best in her field. Lisa is responsive, persistent, extremely knowledgeable about the marketplace and is wholly committed to the best interests of her clients. She works as if she is part of our organization and consistently provides us with highly qualified candidates. Just as importantly, she is unfailingly ethical and professional. Given these qualities, she is a key part of our hiring efforts and I would recommend her to candidates or employers without hesitation.

Jamie Oakes, Chief Growth Officer, Recondo

I found Lisa and Kerri and their team to be exceptionally beneficial in researching and identifying potential candidates with the specific experience and job skill sets necessary to bring new talent to our organization. Prior to commencing the search for new recruits, they took the time to first listen to our requirements and were then able to expeditiously introduce us to a range of candidates who actually met those requirements, rather than just passing us over every resume that seemed close for scrutiny. The talent pool they presented was on point and one of the highest quality I have seen in more than thirty years as a hiring manager. Nearly every candidate seemed to be more than adequate to our needs. They always responded quickly to all emails and provided us with advantageous background information on all the candidates. They also assisted us with ongoing candidate communication and coordination once our interviews had been completed. I can strongly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jim Hunter, Senior Vice President of Sales, Besler

I’ve worked with many recruiters and executive placement firms but I really enjoyed working with Jim and Diane. They really stand out in all aspects. Both were very professional, honest and provide best knowledge about the company they were recruiting for. My new position is a perfect match! I really enjoyed working with you and I would definitely recommend your firm.

Nikhil Oza, VP Technology, Halfpenny Technologies, Inc.

I fortunately get calls from recruiters all the time, but Gibson Consultants really stood out. From the beginning, their niche focus and knowledge of healthcare shone through and enabled them to paint a compelling picture and heighten my interest which was low to start. I was especially impressed by their ability to see the “fit” before I did. I was a “tough sell” coming from a CFO position at large public company moving to a smaller but more exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity, but Gibson Consultants took the time and had the expertise to work through my concerns and align myself with the company. They were an instrumental ”bridge” in this process. My new position is an excellent match for me, and I’m glad I took their call!

Walter Hosp, CFO, AMC Health

As both a hiring manager and a job candidate, I have worked with many professional recruiters over my 25-year career. I would describe my experience with Jim Gibson and the Gibson Consultants team as one of the very best of those experiences. I was contacted by Jim and his team concerning a position search they were conducting for a Global Services firm. Over the course of a 3-month courtship, interviewing and hiring process, Jim and his team excelled at all the things that are most important to a job candidate – communicating clearly and consistently, shepherding the process through delays and detours, following up and managing expectations from both sides. I found Jim personally to be not only a consummate professional but also someone I could trust to discuss my thoughts openly and provide candid, realistic guidance. I would recommend Jim and his team to any executive considering a career move.

Russ Uhlman, Jr, VP, Client Services, HGS