I had the opportunity to work with Ginny recently on a career move and found her to be an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, warmth, and authenticity were demonstrated every step of the way. What sets Ginny apart from other recruiters is her diligence and dedication to her candidates and clients. She is an excellent communicator, and she stays on top of things. Her specialization in digital health also gives her a deep understanding of the industry and market. I would recommend Ginny to others without hesitation.

Rob Keefe, Senior Account Executive, HMS

Ginny was a fantastic recruiter to work with. She took the time to hold prep calls and debrief calls with me after every single round of interviews. In between interviews, she was extremely responsive and kept me informed on every step of the process. Finding your next career opportunity would be easy if everyone was as thorough as Ginny!

Rhett Beattie, MBA, Director of Digital Product Management – Oncology, Amalgam RX

Betsy has worked with Sellers Dorsey for a little over a year and has done a wonderful job of getting to know our firm, the work we do, and the type of professionals we are looking to add to our staff. We operate in a niche market, and Betsy’s ability to connect us with candidates who possess the right skills and experience has been incredibly valuable. Through Betsy’s work, we’ve been able to deepen our bench, which is already enabling us to take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace. Betsy and Gibson Consultants have been a great partner!

Brian McGuckin, Vice President Medicaid Finance, Sellers Dorsey

I throughly enjoyed working with Betsy for placement in my current position. She kept me informed every step of the way, providing feedback and suggestions to ensure I was a well considered candidate, and continuing to follow up after I was selected for the position. I highly recommend her services in making a job search a streamlined and less stressful process.

LaShawna Morgan Tye, MSM, PMP, Project Management Professional, HMS

I had the pleasure of working with Betsy to receive and accept the offer for my current role. Generally, I had been a bit skeptical when a recruiter reached out, but after my first call with Betsy, it was evident that this would not be the “normal” recruiting experience. Betsy had a deep understanding of the company she was recruiting for, their needs, and the role itself. Likewise, I was really impressed by her approach to make sure that the role was aligned to my own professional goals. It was clear that she wasn’t solely interested in filling a position, but making sure that there was a good fit for all parties. From the first interview to accepting the offer, I could count on Betsy to provide useful context and interview prep, straightforward feedback and even some emotional support. In my opinion, she sets the standard of what a recruiter should be.

Edwin Roby, Senior Consultant, Sellers Dorsey

I worked directly with Matthew on a recent search. Matthew’s knowledge of the industry was our main reason for selecting them and it saved us a lot of time upfront. Matthew was very professional and conducted a thorough search that resulted in a great fit for our organization. The search was conducted efficiently and within the timeline specified at the start of the search.

David Oliver, Executive Director, Liberty Advantage

We had a 25 year Sr. Account Manager retiring and had been recruiting to replace her for more than 10 weeks. We were down to 30 days when I reached out to Betsy, whom I hadn’t used in quite a few years. Betsy sought to understand the position as well as what made us unique as an organization –and then she went to work. She brought us two highly qualified candidates and we hired the best candidate we had met throughout the entire process. We were even able to coordinate a 1 week overlap before the retirement. Betsy’s detail oriented, professional, responsive approach enabled us to achieve our objective.

Scott Rappoport, President, Chadler Solutions

A real pro, Betsy brings that rare and refreshing combination to recruitment of good humor, genuine concern about a good fit, unfailing responsiveness, and groundedness. As a candidate, in Betsy I had a consigliere with the right connections and experience to make for a smooth and value-added recruitment process.

Gabriel Malseptic, Program Director, HMS

Betsy was an absolute joy to work with. From the beginning of the process until the end, she was clear, communicative, and knowledgable about the company and the position. Betsy went above and beyond and made the interview and negotiation process actually enjoyable! I could go on and on saying great things about working with her!

Soma Goshal-Diaz, Senior Consultant, Sellers Dorsey

I worked with Colleen for my most recent job placing and it was a great experience. One thing I’ve discovered over the years is that communication is so important when looking for a new position. A lack of communication with the company or recruiter would leave me anxious, frustrated and exasperated. Colleen was excellent in keeping me informed throughout the process. She would reach out when she said she would, ended each conversation with when she would call me next and provided insight into what the next few weeks might look like. Sounds pretty simple but too many other recruiters don’t work that way. Her follow up and communications skills along with taking the time to ask the extra question to make sure she was fully prepared when speaking with possible employers set her apart and above the multitude of others out there who offer similar services.

Christian Bagge, VP National Accounts, HealthCrowd