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  • I Wasn’t Sure We Could Pull This Off

    By Ken Yale, Senior Advisor, Health Strategy, Technology and Innovation, Department of Defense, (former CEO, TRICARE Health Plan) April 2024 - It was a sunny California morning, returning home from dropping the kids off at school, when I got the call, “your security background check cleared, and drug test results are in, you’re good to …Read More »
  • Innovating Senior Healthcare: The Power of PACE

    By Amy Shin, Chief Mission Officer, WelbeHealth March 2024 - The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, demanding proactive and innovative solutions to address the complex needs of our aging population. Among these solutions is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), a truly comprehensive care model for frail seniors that would deter the …Read More »
  • Have You Lost Your Job?

    By Jim Gibson, President, Gibson Consultants February 2024 - This article originally appeared on HISTalk  I remember the first time I lost my job. It was terrifying. I was the sole breadwinner, with three small children and a mortgage. If you’ve recently lost your job, I know how you feel and I hope the tips …Read More »
  • Work-Life Balance – Is it possible?

    By Carol Pandza, former SVP & CHRO, AmeriHealth Caritas January 2024 - When I started working, cell phones, computers, and other “smart” portable devices didn’t exist.  There was no email, no texting.  The typical office worker had a set schedule, five days a week, 8 hours a day.  It wasn’t uncommon for even C-suite executives …Read More »
  • Burden in Healthcare: Death by Clicks – Can Interoperability Really Help?

    By Susheel Ladwa, CEO, Onyx Health December 2023 - Ask any doctor or nurse what part of the day they dislike the most, and the answer is unanimous – the burden of paperwork. According to an AMA study, physicians spend 27 percent of their total time on direct clinical face time with patients, while a …Read More »


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