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  • The Difficult Reality of Immunizations in Ambulatory Care

    by Wanda Filer, Head of Medical Affairs, VaxCare March 2020 - Measles, influenza, Hepatitis A and many other vaccine preventable disease stories fill the headlines today. While we see a lot of coverage about the anti-vaccine movement, there are other under-appreciated barriers to increasing adult and pediatric vaccine rates occurring in many ambulatory care practices …Read More »
  • What’s Not Being Discussed in the AI Conversation: Compliance

    by Tim Gorton, Healthcare Executive February 2020 - Healthcare AI is here to stay. Millions of dollars have been invested in it. Products and systems continue to be developed and used to advance innovation and enhance the patient experience[1]. Yet, how do hospitals and health systems sustain AI innovation while also remaining regulatory compliant? Innovation …Read More »
  • Should Your Company Hire a PR & Marketing Agency…or Build Those Capabilities Internally? (Hint: Both.)

    by Jodi Amendola, CEO and founder, Amendola Communications January 2020 - Companies on a quest for market domination will inevitably encounter the same question. Should they hire an agency with a full roster of PR and marketing services—or add that talent in house? I’ve been a career agency leader for 30 years so you would …Read More »
  • A Critical Tool for Managing Seniors’ Quality of Life and Health Outcomes

    by Jean Rush, Independent Board Member, former EVP Government Markets, Highmark December 2019 - In 2019, CMS provided Medicare Advantage plans with greater flexibility in the definition of “supplemental benefits,” allowing these benefits if they “compensate for physical impairments, diminish the impact of injuries or health conditions, and/or reduce avoidable emergency room utilization.“   In essence, …Read More »
  • Predicting Software Release Dates

    by Ara Kouchakdjian, VP Product Management at Stanley Healthcare November 2019 -  The challenge: Figuring out a release date For non-engineers, software processes are a black box.  Those of us facing the market want a simple answer to the question: “when can the client generate value from the new release?” Explanations from many product and …Read More »


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