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  • Winning Through Culture

    By Brian Dorsey, Chief Culture Officer and Mindy Braithwaite, Vice President of Administration, Sellers Dorsey November 2020- To compete for talent and win in the business of health care, be intentional about company culture. Every company has a workplace culture whether or not its management guides that culture with intention. Like the temperature in a …Read More »
  • Is Value-Based Care Stalled?

    By Kevin Hutchinson, CEO, Apervita October 2020 - Value-based care remains widely misunderstood by many across the healthcare industry. Much of this confusion stems from our collective inclination to misinterpret activity as progress, and that misinterpretation has created plenty of frustration among payers, providers and regulators. The truth is, we’re failing to see the bigger …Read More »
  • The Next Epidemic: Data Breaches and HIPAA Violations

    by Geoff Halstead, GoCircle, Inc.  September 2020- The global impact of COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated existing trends by fundamentally requiring companies of all sizes to quickly adopt a remote engagement and distributed collaboration strategy for their customers, employees and business partners. The early indicators - and our collective lived experience - tells us that this …Read More »
  • Have You Lost Your Job?

    by Jim Gibson, President, Gibson Consultants I remember the first time I lost my job. It was terrifying. I was the sole breadwinner, with three small children and a mortgage. If you’ve recently lost your job, I know how you feel and I hope the tips below will help. In the days following my job …Read More »
  • We Need to be There in Person… Or, Maybe Not

    by Doug Cusick, CEO, TransformativeMED August 2020- COVID-19 is challenging everything we thought about what can be accomplished at a distance Six months ago, few U.S. economic and business experts would have thought that companies could be productive with 66% of employees working from home. Certainly, many industries and the economy have suffered due to …Read More »


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