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  • How NLP and AI Can Improve Risk Adjustment

    June 2021- In this edition of Gibson Talks, Trey Wheless, a risk adjustment and quality reporting executive recruiter at Gibson Consultants, and Gabe Stein, Executive Vice President of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, sat down to discuss the benefits to payors and providers of adopting technology that impacts risk adjustment. Gabe shared his perspective as an executive …Read More »
  • What Partnering on your Virtual Care Tech Stack and Curbside Margaritas Have in Common

    By Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer, Carium May 2021- Picking up tacos, curbside, from my favorite Mexican restaurant is so amazing, and I am grateful every time I do. But, it gets better: margaritas too! I love a good cocktail and have mastered vodka-based martinis, however, margaritas? Not so much. I never would have imagined …Read More »
  • Patient Safety: the Good News about Bad News

    By Mark Crockett, Digital Health CEO April 2021- In the excellent book “The Hard Thing about Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz, he extolls the virtue of communicating bad news.  Culturally, after the first few times bad news is delivered, people stop worrying about disclosure and get in a cadence of fixing. So, I’ll start: the …Read More »
  • The Fallacy of Zero Tolerance….in Hiring

    By Jim Gibson - This article appeared a long, long time ago in Health Data Management. March 2021- As search consultants, we are usually viewed as trusted advisors and extensions of the management team. So, knowing when to push back on a client, and when to just defer to the client’s opinion and judgment, is …Read More »
  • How Hospitals Can Improve Operating Room Turnaround Times

    By Neeraj Bhavani, Founder, Tagnos February 2021- For hospitals, operating rooms (ORs) are big business. The current pandemic is affecting this business in unprecedented ways, but the following shows how the ORs generate revenue and how they can optimize it, while improving throughput and patient satisfaction. One recent survey found that the four types of …Read More »


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