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  • Why People in Product Quit their Jobs

    This article originally appeared on the Pragmatic Institute website and can be accessed here: Why People in Product Quit their Jobs by Ginny Nelson, Director, Executive Search at Gibson Consultants Why does turnover matter? Throughout the pandemic, the candidate market was unlike anything our firm had seen in over 20 years of recruiting. “The great …Read More »
  • Every Company in Healthcare Should Have a ‘Code Red’ Team for AI

    by Geoff Halstead, Fraction Chief Product Officer and Digital Business Strategist February 2023 - For the last year, experts across the entire breadth of the technology industry – business and technical leaders, entrepreneurs, observers and venture capitalists alike – have been proclaiming that we have crossed over a critical threshold or ‘tipping point’ in the …Read More »
  • Gibson Talks: The Radical Transformation of Healthcare and Its Impact on Hiring Talent

    January 2023 - In this issue of Gibson Talks, Patrick Convery, Media Director for MRi, sat and talked with Jim Gibson, Founder and President of Gibson Consultants, about the current talent shortage in terms of locating, securing and retaining top talent specifically in the business of healthcare industry. Jim: I would say we probably have …Read More »
  • Real World Evidence Can Make Drugs More Affordable

    by Jennifer Stacey, SVP of Clinical Sciences & Operations, TriNetX January 2023 - It should be no surprise that profitability is the primary goal for pharmaceutical companies, as it allows them to continue to fund research and development (R&D) of new drugs, pay dividends to shareholders, and support their business operations. The truthful way to …Read More »
  • Jim Gibson Podcast

    January 2023 audio of the full podcast is available on our YouTube channel, @gibsonconsultants: Jim Gibson full podcast Patrick: Hello and welcome to the MRINetwork podcast. I'm Patrick Convery, media director with MRI and joining us today is Jim Gibson. President of Gibson Consultants in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jim welcome to the program Jim: Thank …Read More »


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