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  • How Hospitals Can Improve Operating Room Turnaround Times

    By Neeraj Bhavani, Founder, Tagnos February 2021- For hospitals, operating rooms (ORs) are big business. The current pandemic is affecting this business in unprecedented ways, but the following shows how the ORs generate revenue and how they can optimize it, while improving throughput and patient satisfaction. One recent survey found that the four types of …Read More »
  • When an Early Stage Founder Should – and Should Not – Use a Recruiter

    by Colleen Watford, Director, Executive Search, Digital Health This article was originally published on LinkedIn- [View original post] Are you a founder of a startup or early stage company? Have you used a recruiter to find talent? I’ve learned from my conversations with your peers that many founders have not. They may have become familiar …Read More »
  • More than a Mandate: Price Transparency Rules as a Market Differentiator

    By Pooja Babbrah, PBM Services Practice Lead, Point-of-Care Partners January 2021- In late October, CMS issued a final price transparency rule, closing out a momentous march toward price transparency unlike anything seen before. Over the past few years, CMS and this administration has released four price transparency rules and one Executive Order related to surprise …Read More »
  • We Need to Collaborate to Accelerate the Adoption of Value-based Care

    By Jonathan Bradley, Principal, Ironwood Health December 2020- Many recent articles correctly point out that the widespread and full-throated adoption of the principles of value-based care are moving at a casual pace, at best. To be sure, there are pockets of rapid progress, but the overall adoption of advanced payment methodologies, and with it, the …Read More »
  • Gibson Talks – Risk Adjustment Edition

    December 2020- In this inaugural edition of Gibson Talks, Executive Recruiter Trey Wheless consults with Fahad Ahmed on recommendations for the most current and pertinent issues in Risk Adjustment. 1. What are some of the benefits and hurdles to transitioning from RAPS to EDS? In 2012, CMS began collecting encounter data through the Encounter Data …Read More »


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