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  • Predicting Software Release Dates

    by Ara Kouchakdjian, VP Product Management at Stanley Healthcare November 2019 -  The challenge: Figuring out a release date For non-engineers, software processes are a black box.  Those of us facing the market want a simple answer to the question: “when can the client generate value from the new release?” Explanations from many product and …Read More »
  • How to Prepare for Member Outreach Before Crisis Strikes

    by Ellen Harrison, VP of Operations & Market Strategy, HMS October 2019 - At some point, most healthcare organizations will likely need to communicate with members in some type of emergency or rapid response situation, whether it’s a natural disaster, public health crisis or prescription recall. Just consider the state of natural disasters in 2018. …Read More »
  • Speed Time-to-Market with a Smaller Investment Through Partnering

    by Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer, Holon Solutions September 24, 2019 - The healthcare information technology (HIT) market is expected to grow from more than $187 billion this year to more than $390 billion by 2024. Much of this growth is driven by healthcare providers, health plans and policymakers collectively concluding that the fragmented, inefficient …Read More »
  • How Hospitals Can Minimize Surgical Adverse Events and Improve OR Performance

    by Michael Woods, Global Chief Medical Officer, caresyntax August 27, 2019 - When one speaks of patient injury in healthcare, it’s easy to point at the statistics. However, almost everyone has a friend or family member who is represented by those statistics. Through that lens, patient harm becomes very personal. Yet the rate of all-cause …Read More »
  • Application of Blockchain in Healthcare

    by Lynn Carroll, Chief of Strategy & Operations, HSBlox July 2019 - As value-based care accelerates, the disparate data of traditional fee-for-service doesn’t work. Data silos and a lack of patient integration present challenges for dissemination of data across the continuum of care.  As a result, the reporting feedback loop required for the development and …Read More »


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