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  • Gibson Consultants named to NC Best Employer List 2022

    For Immediate Release   Wilmington, NC//August 1, 2022 — Business North Carolina is pleased to announce the 2022 North Carolina Best Employers annual list. Specifically, Gibson Consultants earned a place in the small company division. “We’re thrilled to be honored for the culture and benefits we offer, in a way that is meaningful to our …Read More »
  • Telepsychiatry: A lifeline for your ED

    By Andy Flanagan, CEO, Iris Telehealth July 2022 - According to the CDC, approximately 146.5 million patients visit hospital emergency departments (EDs) in the United States each year. Moreover, patients seeking care in EDs for mental health conditions is growing, nearly two-fold from 2007 to 2016 alone. Hospitals and health systems are already overwhelmed, and the …Read More »
  • Five Tips for Attracting and Retaining an Engaged Workforce

    By Ben Sawyer, Vice President of Market Development for ABOUT Healthcare Inc. June 2022 - The January 2022 jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics told a familiar story. The healthcare sector, just behind dining and hospitality, had the most job openings of any industry in the country. More than 1.9 million jobs …Read More »
  • Are You Capitalizing On The Growth Of Medicare Advantage?

    By John A. Selby, Executive Consultant to health plans and related businesses May 2022 - The growth of Medicare Advantage (MA), by almost every measure, is continuing at an explosive rate and the pace is not expected to slow any time soon.  The ramifications of this growth are both broad and inviting.  Any healthcare related …Read More »
  • A Different Point of View: Healthcare IT’s History of Magical Thinking

    By David Lareau, Chief Executive Officer, Medicomp April 2022 -  Every few years, the healthcare industry seems to lose its collective mind over the latest new thing that will solve all our problems and usher in the (dreaded) “new paradigm.” This combination of magical thinking and marketing hype sporadically erupts and then dissipates as reality …Read More »


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