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  • Healthcare needs saving. And the hero is not whom you expect. 

    By Jacob Sattelmair, CEO and co-founder, Wellframe August 2021- American healthcare has struggled for decades with two persistent, intractable problems: the rising cost of care and, simultaneously, a poor patient experience.   The US spends nearly $4 trillion annually on healthcare. Many of us benefit from the most cutting-edge medical technologies and the best-trained professionals and caregivers. Yet …Read More »
  • Gibson Talks – Compliance: A Look Toward the Future

    August 2021 - In this edition of Gibson Talks, Matthew LaGanke, a compliance executive recruiter at Gibson Consultants, and Russ Matuszak, Vice President of Compliance, Privacy, and Equity at Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, sat down to discuss the long-term view of compliance. Looking ahead, Russ shares his perspective on the issues facing compliance, the opportunities …Read More »
  • Healthcare Pricing Transparency: It Really Can Be Done

    By Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions, Inc. July 2021- I confess, I do not like shopping. I do not like comparing products, researching how people like the product, traveling from place to place – nope – I do not like any of it. That said, I love convenience. So, if I want to …Read More »
  • How to Avoid 5 Common Care Management Pitfalls

    By Shelley Davis, MSN, RNC, CCM June 2021- Healthcare pioneer Florence Nightingale may be best known for her reforms of the shockingly unsanitary conditions in the Barrack Hospital during the Crimean War in 1854. A lesser-known achievement, however, is that she also is a pioneer of what we know today as data-driven population health management. …Read More »
  • How NLP and AI Can Improve Risk Adjustment

    June 2021- In this edition of Gibson Talks, Trey Wheless, a risk adjustment and quality reporting executive recruiter at Gibson Consultants, and Gabe Stein, Executive Vice President of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, sat down to discuss the benefits to payors and providers of adopting technology that impacts risk adjustment. Gabe shared his perspective as an executive …Read More »


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