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  • A Different Point of View: Healthcare IT’s History of Magical Thinking

    By David Lareau, Chief Executive Officer, Medicomp April 2022 -  Every few years, the healthcare industry seems to lose its collective mind over the latest new thing that will solve all our problems and usher in the (dreaded) “new paradigm.” This combination of magical thinking and marketing hype sporadically erupts and then dissipates as reality …Read More »
  • Gibson Talks: Succeeding at the Intersection of the Four Major Waves in Healthcare for the Consumer

    April 2022 - In this edition of Gibson Talks, Ginny Nelson, Director of Executive Search at Gibson Consultants, and Jeff Garibaldi, a senior executive spanning product strategy, technology development, commercial marketing, and operational leadership, sat down to discuss four major waves that are simultaneously impacting healthcare. Q1. Could you identify the major waves that have been forming …Read More »
  • Accelerating Health Equity Progress: Four Strategies Medicaid Organizations Should Consider

    By Bill Lucia, Sellers Dorsey Board Member, & Nancy Smith-Leslie, Director, Sellers Dorsey March 2022 - Health equity has become a strategic priority for many health care organizations, particularly those who serve Medicaid beneficiaries. More than half (61%) of Medicaid’s 73 million low-income beneficiaries identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian American, or another non-White race or …Read More »
  • Interoperability: Are We Done? What Next?

    By Kiran Kuchibotla, VP Project Portfolio Delivery, Advantasure February 2022 - The healthcare industry invests millions in modernizing technology stacks and building high tech platforms and applications. Yet those platforms and applications continue to be siloed, preventing healthcare institutions from sharing patient data and communicating effectively. In short, these systems still don’t talk to each …Read More »
  • Why Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans are Special

    By Will Dede, MPP, Associate Director Health Policy, SNP Alliance January 2022 - Let me introduce you to Gladys. She is an 82-year-old female with poorly controlled diabetes, chronic lung problems, and early kidney disease. Add in “low income” and qualification for Medicaid and you have 70% of the population dually eligible for Medicare and …Read More »


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