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  • The Next Epidemic: Data Breaches and HIPAA Violations

    by Geoff Halstead, GoCircle, Inc.  September 2020- The global impact of COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated existing trends by fundamentally requiring companies of all sizes to quickly adopt a remote engagement and distributed collaboration strategy for their customers, employees and business partners. The early indicators - and our collective lived experience - tells us that this …Read More »
  • Have You Lost Your Job?

    by Jim Gibson, President, Gibson Consultants I remember the first time I lost my job. It was terrifying. I was the sole breadwinner, with three small children and a mortgage. If you’ve recently lost your job, I know how you feel and I hope the tips below will help. In the days following my job …Read More »
  • We Need to be There in Person… Or, Maybe Not

    by Doug Cusick, CEO, TransformativeMED August 2020- COVID-19 is challenging everything we thought about what can be accomplished at a distance Six months ago, few U.S. economic and business experts would have thought that companies could be productive with 66% of employees working from home. Certainly, many industries and the economy have suffered due to …Read More »
  • What Would My Replacement Do?

    by Edwin Miller July 2020 - “I’ve been fired more times than anyone in this room.” - Ken Schwaber, Inventor of SCRUM, while teaching an early SCRUM certification course. I’ll admit it.  I’ve had many job changes since the early ‘90s when I started in HIT.  It should be no surprise then that I’m familiar …Read More »
  • The Day Music Changed the World

    by Jim Gibson, President, Gibson Consultants June 2020 - These past few months have been rough, rougher than anything we've seen in some time. They've provoked intense emotions and exposed raw nerves. As a nation we feel worn down. Yet, we're approaching Independence Day, when we come together as Americans – in spirit, if not …Read More »


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