We are a specialized executive search firm targeting two healthcare related fields:

The Managed Care/Payor Market and Employee Benefits

Because of our length and breadth of experience, our network reads like a Who’s Who in payor market and employee benefits. As importantly, when you share your search need with us, we bring to the discussion our insider’s familiarity with the business. We quickly grasp the subtleties and nuances of your issues, and we use this knowledge to attract, evaluate, and present potential candidates.

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Healthcare Technology / Services

Whether you are a small venture capital-backed startup looking for a CEO, a private equity firm searching for a board member, or a more established public company in need of a Vice President of Sales, we speak your language. It does not matter what market you are targeting, what solutions you are offering, or how large or small your firm is. If you are in the business of healthcare technology / services, we can help you.

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Representative Clients