More recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Theresa at a conference. I left our conversation with an appreciation for the depth and breadth of Theresa’s “superpowers.” Theresa is poised to meaningfully change the recruiting landscape. She has a differentiating ability to maintain connections with a broad network of emerging and next generation leaders, which is the future of our healthcare supply chain.

Joe Walsh, Founder, Supply Chain Sherpas

I want to first thank you for your support during the hiring process. You are a professional in every way. You are the first executive recruiter that has followed through on all your commitments and added nothing but value through the hiring process … kudos to you and your team. I hope we can work together on another deal in the future.

Paul O’Toole, Healthcare Software Senior Executive

I have been an executive sales professional in the health services arena for more than 25 years. During that time, I have been exposed to a myriad of executive recruiters, both as a candidate and hiring manager. I have learned that the one thing that sets the top recruiters apart from the rest is the process they use to hone in on the candidate characteristics that best mesh with the employer’s needs. The result of such a process is the likelihood of a marriage that is both productive and lasting. Jim Gibson and his team exemplify this, going beyond the usual reference checks to take the time to get to know each candidate, their work ethic and business philosophy. Because of this, I know that my employer and I have found a good fit. I will be expanding my sales force in a few months and when I do, I plan to engage Gibson Consultants again. I have high praise for their diligence and for making the effort to understanding each client’s unique business staffing needs.

Steven W. Chapkin, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Dossia Service Corporation

Jim Gibson and Sheila have provided an excellent experience from start to finish. They both took the time to discover my strengths and characteristics as a candidate and then worked to match me with the right opportunity. They put forth the extra effort to pressure test the opportunity with me and my business philosophy and thoroughly explored and explained the needs and status of the hiring organization. They were wonderful with communication and follow through which led to a seamless process and a successful outcome. Gibson Consultants is the right choice for both hiring managers and candidates. I look forward to working with them again in the future as we grow and expand our sales team.

Jesse Harper, Director, Sales and Business Development, Numera 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Betsy. I found you both to be accessible and open, and thought you not only asked good questions, but also provided useful insights and coaching. I would be happy to recommend your firm.

Terrie O’Hanlon, SVP Marketing

I was a candidate in a recent search conducted by Gibson Consultants. Unlike many headhunters in today’s industry, they kept me informed throughout the process, even when there was nothing to report. Our technological world seems to have entitled most recruiters to lose touch with common courtesy, even for individuals that could be their next hiring organization. Jim remembers there are people with schedules and responsibilities on the other end who deserve respect.

Shannah Koss, President Koss on Care, LLC

I was thrilled with the effort and professionalism that Betsy at Gibson Consultants worked in fulfilling our needs with multiple searches. Betsy’s knowledge of the industry and market in which we worked made her and her team a real asset as we grew our business. Our company continues its relationship with Gibson Consultants in helping us fill high quality open positions.

Jason Feuerman, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Delivery, Bravo Health

Mike Gilmartin and Gibson Consultants are part of my “A” team. In an industry marked by large, and often empty, promises, I find the level of energy, partnership, and collaboration Gibson brings to the table refreshing. But results are where the rubber meets the road, and few others have been as successful meeting my often-demanding recruitment needs as Gibson.

Evan Schaffner, Assistant Vice President, Reliance Standard Life Insurance

Jim and the team at Gibson Consultants were extremely effective. They took the time to understand our business and our organizational requirements, and then quickly provided us with a highly qualified pool of candidates. The Gibson group made it very easy for us to select the right executives to meet our business needs and strengthen our company. Jim and his team are a pleasure to work with and very effective at finding the right people for the right positions.

Keith Dayton, President – Operations, Click4Care, Inc.

I found your firm both professional and perseverant in filling a very difficult and key position. You invested time up front to understand our culture and the open position. Your follow through and response time was great; you did not flood us with resumes, but submitted candidates that were right on the money, with excellent, thorough candidate writeups. As I provided feedback, you listened and incorporated it into the recruiting cycle, and offered timely, helpful advice. At times, I felt that I was working with a consultant as well as a recruiter.

Philippe d’Offay, President, pMDsoft, Inc.